.:The Bakery:.

Hey Buzz,

So I wanted to share with you a funny story that Grandma Freed called and told me earlier this week while you were at her house. I should preface by telling you that one thing you love to do at the park is feed the ducks, and typically the diet that you provide them consists of large chunks of nearly-stale bread. On to the funny…..

On Monday,¬†December¬†2nd you were at Grandma’s house and as Grandma was getting ready for the day, not unusually you were playing in her shower. It was your “bakery”. You take the orders, bake them, and then serve them with a smile. You asked Grandma what she wanted from the bakery and she said, “Ummm, how about a cake?”

“No…” you replied. “Cake is for birthdays.”

“How about bread?” She asked.

“No, bread is for ducks.”

So we aren’t exactly sure what it is that your bakery actually bakes, but whatever it is, I’m sure the logic behind your product is flawless.

We think we also might know why it is that you don’t particularly like bread.¬†Because its for ducks, obviously.

Thanks for always making us smile.

Love you kiddo!

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