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Dear Boosey,

Ugh. So I feel like a failure. I have SUCKED (I’m pretty sure by the time you are able to read this, I still won’t want you using this word) at keeping this thing updated. Please know that its not for lack of you entertaining us and being an undeniably awesome kid. I wanted to share a quick reminder of your hilariousness.

Its important to note that you are now a big sister!! Your baby brother, Cohen joined our family on April 26th of this year. You LOVE him, you ADORE him, you talk to him in a tone of voice that is about 78 octaves above the normal human voice. But you are his big sister, and you are AMAZING at it. 🙂

While your love for your brother has never lacked since the moment you saw him, I would be lying if I said that it hasn’t been and adjustment for you going from the only child to a big sister. You have pushed boundaries and buttons and everything else I would expect from a child who is just figuring out who she is in a sudden family of four. So we had a bit of a rough day on Friday, July 17th. I had to ask you if you needed to go to time out, which you of course didn’t think you needed to. Instead, you told me “I have to go potty instead” as you walked into the bathroom with my phone. So on my phone (which I’m sure will be VASTLY different technology when you are reading this) has Siri – an intelligent personal assistant that is available at the touch of a button. After you got into the bathroom and partially closed the door I heard the two tone noise which indicates that Siri is listening for whatever inquiry the user may have. Less than two seconds later I heard you ask SIRI “Why is my mom so mean?” I immediately poked my head in the door and said, “What are you asking?” to which you immediately replied “Nothing…”. Well SIRI did as you asked, and promptly replied, “Okay, I found three web results for “Why is my mom so mean”. You gazed up at me in terror and promptly apologized. “Oh, sorry” you said, knowing you were busted.

Truth is, I don’t know any kid that hasn’t thought at one time or another that they had the absolute worst parent(s) in the world, so instead of taking offense, I’m just thanking you for the laugh.

Love you Buzz!!


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