.:One year + Update (sorry!):.

Dear Sawyer,

I’ve told your daddy and so many others that I really had not concept of how quickly time actually flys by, until you came into our lives. Every day is something new, and its so bittersweet knowing that each day that passes is one day closer to the day you’re grown. We cherish EVERY MOMENT, and love watching you become such a strong, independent little person but that means letting go too, which is hard to do as a parent.

September 2011: So let’s see, our last post over a year ago was about your trip to Primary Children’s Hospital with a respiratory infection. For more on this, read the post called .:Just Breathe:. below.

October 2011: We’ll skip through most of October and get to the end. This was your FIRST HALLOWEEN!! Since we have lovingly referred to you as Bug, Buggy, Bugga Boose, Boosey, Boosey Boo…..Buzz….any variation you can think of and we’ve probably called you that as a term of absolute endearment. Anyway, given all of that, I thought it was only appropriate that you be a bug for Halloween. So that you were, a lady bug. You came trick-or-treating at my office, and everyone was amazed that you were walking when you were so little.


November 2011: I had to take many deep breaths as we went into November. I could not believe that this was the month that you would turn 1 year old!! Your first birthday party was quite a to-do! You have so many people that love you and our house was packed with friends and family that came to celebrate your special day!! Since you have been our little “Buggy” since you came home from the hospital, we decided to go with a “Bug” theme, but a girly one of course. 🙂 You were spoiled rotten that day, but you deserved every moment of it!! One of my favorite things that you were given was a scrapbook that Aunt Channie made you, of your first year of life. I was emotional about you turning 1 year old anyway, its a beautiful book that we will treasure forever!! I’m so grateful to all of our family and friends for making your first birthday so very special!


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