.:Let’s Potty!!:.

Dear Sawyer,

Well, we’re in the thick of it. Potty training, that is. So far I’d say that this experience has not been as bad as I thought it was going to be. Or rather, as bad as I’ve heard other people describe it.

You have been REALLY good about going….uh, number one on the potty but there’s still some work to be done with number two. You still like to find a quiet place and do your business on your own and I can’t blame you, we’ve just got to get your quiet place to be in the bathroom…….on the potty.

The point of this update is to share with you a funny little tidbit from yesterday. You were at Staci’s as you usually are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the day. You are still wearing diapers at night, and so before we left the house yesterday morning, i changed you into a dry diaper not knowing if it was going to be a “good day” or a “bad day” in terms of potty usage. I received a text message from Staci at 10:13 a.m. that had me laughing hysterically and so VERY proud of you at the same time. The text said:

Sawyer just told me she had to poop. Sure enough, she did! After she was done she told her friends to come look at it. Lol!” (As you get older and get to know more about your Auntie Laura, you will definitely SEE more humor in this!)

Today, at Grandma Freed’s, you were in another room when Number Two was coming, and you yelled to Grandma to “Come here, Grandma, faster! faster!” Grandma didn’t make it in time and you told her, “Oh no, dere’s poops in my jammies. I sorry!” Its all part of the process and with this like everything in life, we’ll have successes and we’ll have oopsies. Whats important is that we’re getting there, and with every oopsie we learn a little more.

I’m so proud of your potty accomplishments! I know that looking back one day, these little things will seem unimportant and yes, I realize that they are just a part of your growing up – like every kid does and that at some point every kid has similar potty training experiences. But they are monumental as I watch you accomplish them and I am so honored that I get to share these milestones with you.

I will ALWAYS be your #1 fan, even when that means being excited about your #2’s.

I love you, kiddo. Keep up the good work!


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