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Dear Sawyer,

One of the MANY things we are constantly amazed at about you is how quickly your vocabulary is expanding. About six months ago Daddy and I sat down to try to determine how many vocabulary words that you’ve not only used, but actually understand the meaning of. We kept adding to the list over several days, and by your 2 year checkup we estimated that you actively use and understand 400+ words!! You surprise us daily with new things you say and we literally look at each other in disbelief when you speak sometimes. A few of my favorites over the last little while are:

Monday, January 28th, 2013 – You spent today with Grandma Freed, as you typically do every Monday. While emptying a tube of Simply Go-Gurt for you to snack on, you told Grandma of a picture on the back of the tube “Look Grandma, its a tuba!”  Astounded, Grandma replied, “Wow, Sawyer, thats a tuba?” You studied it for a moment and then said back to her, “No, Grandma, its a saxophone.” Grandma called me at work immediately and we were both flabberghasted that you knew not only what a tuba is, but also a saxophone. You also know the difference between a guitar (you call it a “key-tar”) and a violin which if you’re looking at or holding the physical objects is easy to discern for adults, but you can tell the difference in pictures (flash cards with alphabet/objects). I think thats pretty amazing.

Saturday, February 2, 2013 – Daddy and I spent most of the day helping Uncle James and Aunt Bre move into a new place, so Grandma Freed was kind enough to let you come hang out with her. While there, at one point you were climbing up onto a bench at the kitchen table to have a snack. Your curious little eyes caught a bit of food that was left on the bench (probably by you at one point during the day). When you saw the food, you told Grandma, “Ew, Grandma, its a booger!!”. Grandma laughed (knowing it wasn’t a booger) and asked you where it came from. Your response to her was, “Papa pick his nose, booger on the table!” Hours later, when Papa returned home, you said to him, “No, no no, Papa!! No pick your nose!!” Grandma was amazed that you remembered the booger AND remembered to scold Papa for it when he got home. When I came to pick you up Grandma and I got a good laugh out of the story, and when we asked you what was on the seat you told us again it was a booger from Papa.

Even at the tender age of two, Miss Sawyer , you are hilarious! You manage to keep us on our toes and laughing almost constantly. Its impossible for you to know how much joy you bring to so many people’s lives. We are ALL so very lucky to be a part of yours.

I love you, Buggy!! <3

Love, Mama

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