.: I Fink :.

Hiya Boo!

As parents, it is truly a marvel to watch the brains of you little people working. Sometimes its as though we can actually see the parts of your thoughts moving. Progressing from one to the next, putting together this infinite puzzle we call life. As your daddy and I have been able to watch you do this, we are amazed at how your little processor works. You hear a word one time, and then are using it (and correctly!) in a sentence. You watch daddy fix things and the next thing we know you’re rigging your own tools to fix something on your own. To watch your mind work is truly, well, mind boggling.

So you’re learning to think, or as you pronounce it, “fink” on your own. You do this constantly throughout the day. From deciding what you want to eat or drink, to which stuffed animal friends you want to take to Grandma’s or Staci’s, to which direction you want to sit on the potty. Yes, when left to your own devices, Daddy or I typically will respond to your calls from the bathroom for “Help!” or even just to “Yook at me!” to find you straddling the toilet, turned around backwards but getting the job done.

One such thought this weekend was especially….special. You came into our room, early Saturday morning. I helped you up into our bed and you asked for a “bottle”, which in our house is actually just a sippy cup with milk. Daddy was getting up to answer natures call at that time, so he said he would get your sippy. On his way out of our bedroom, in a barely awake voice you said, “Daddy…….” He didn’t hear you. So you said again, “Hey Daddy!” to which he responded, “Yes, Bug?”. You paused and then said, “I fink Mommy loves you.” Well, you’re absolutely right and Daddy and I both loved your observance.

As you grow older, and continue to learn new things, see new things, and experience new things, I would encourage you to always think for yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do whatever it is you want to do. Stay close to your family who loves you and would do anything for you and always remember that being you is what makes you so special.

I fink! I fink! I fink you’re pretty amazing!

Love you Boosey!



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