boosey fiveFive years. Each year on this day my heart is consumed with nostalgia remembering vividly the hours that led up to the moment you were born. Our “Lucky 13” was four days early, but you still brought us all the luck in the world when you made your debut at 4:13am. That moment forever changed me. You forever changed me. Thank you for your enormous heart, and for sharing your love with this world. It’s a better place because you are here. I learn so much from you and I truthfully could not be more proud of who you areĀ and who you will become. Thank you for making me want to be a better person. Don’t ever lose your light, your determination, or your willingness to stand up for others and what is right. Follow your heart but never forget, that you will never be too big for me to hold you. I love you endlessly, Boosey. Happy Fifth Birthday.

Love, Mom

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