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boosey fiveFive years. Each year on this day my heart is consumed with nostalgia remembering vividly the hours that led up to the moment you were born. Our “Lucky 13” was four days early, but you still brought us all the luck in the world when you made your debut at 4:13am. That moment forever changed me. You forever changed me. Thank you for your enormous heart, and for sharing your love with this world. It’s a better place because you are here. I learn so much from you and I truthfully could not be more proud of who you are and who you will become. Thank you for making me want to be a better person. Don’t ever lose your light, your determination, or your willingness to stand up for others and what is right. Follow your heart but never forget, that you will never be too big for me to hold you. I love you endlessly, Boosey. Happy Fifth Birthday.

Love, Mom

.:Siri – us:.

Dear Boosey,

Ugh. So I feel like a failure. I have SUCKED (I’m pretty sure by the time you are able to read this, I still won’t want you using this word) at keeping this thing updated. Please know that its not for lack of you entertaining us and being an undeniably awesome kid. I wanted to share a quick reminder of your hilariousness.

Its important to note that you are now a big sister!! Your baby brother, Cohen joined our family on April 26th of this year. You LOVE him, you ADORE him, you talk to him in a tone of voice that is about 78 octaves above the normal human voice. But you are his big sister, and you are AMAZING at it. 🙂

While your love for your brother has never lacked since the moment you saw him, I would be lying if I said that it hasn’t been and adjustment for you going from the only child to a big sister. You have pushed boundaries and buttons and everything else I would expect from a child who is just figuring out who she is in a sudden family of four. So we had a bit of a rough day on Friday, July 17th. I had to ask you if you needed to go to time out, which you of course didn’t think you needed to. Instead, you told me “I have to go potty instead” as you walked into the bathroom with my phone. So on my phone (which I’m sure will be VASTLY different technology when you are reading this) has Siri – an intelligent personal assistant that is available at the touch of a button. After you got into the bathroom and partially closed the door I heard the two tone noise which indicates that Siri is listening for whatever inquiry the user may have. Less than two seconds later I heard you ask SIRI “Why is my mom so mean?” I immediately poked my head in the door and said, “What are you asking?” to which you immediately replied “Nothing…”. Well SIRI did as you asked, and promptly replied, “Okay, I found three web results for “Why is my mom so mean”. You gazed up at me in terror and promptly apologized. “Oh, sorry” you said, knowing you were busted.

Truth is, I don’t know any kid that hasn’t thought at one time or another that they had the absolute worst parent(s) in the world, so instead of taking offense, I’m just thanking you for the laugh.

Love you Buzz!!


.:Some Advice:.

Hey Kiddo,

Just your mom here. We’re days away from your 3rd birthday (I seriously, cannot believe it!) and I have a TON of updates to get on this site. I will, I PROMISE!! But today I read some great advice online, and I wanted to share. As you grow up, I guess the biggest thing that I would impart to you at this point is to remember that nothing ever stays the same. If it hurts, it will get better. Try to find a balance between what your heart and your gut are telling you when you make decisions. If it turns out to be the wrong decision, go the other way as soon as you realize it. Whatever you do, Live. Your. Life. And always, always remember that I love you. No matter what. Enjoy!

1.  Boys will break your heart. Let them. Learn from it.

2.  It’s so easy to become jaded, but don’t let it happen to you. Fight it.

3.  Stand firm in your beliefs.

4.  Love yourself. Sometimes you’re all you have.

5.  Cherish the little things.

6.  Order pizza at 3am on a Tuesday. It won’t kill you.

7.  It’s okay to laugh at yourself. Embrace the imperfections.

8.  You are the rule, not the exception. Life will be so much easier if you accept  this now.

9.  Make mistakes. If you learn from them, they won’t be in vain.

10.  He’s lying, there is no fish tank. Go anyway.

11.  Classes can be retaken. Life cannot.

12.  Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

13.  The world is full of cynics – don’t become one.

14.  Stop calling him. Stop texting him. If he wanted you, he’d be there.

15.  Apologize when you’re wrong. Just suck up your pride and do it.

16.  Bellybutton piercings are a bad idea. As are tattoos.

17.  No one is perfect. Stop being so hard on yourself.

18.  Hug your friends. Cherish them. Hold them tight.

19.  Laugh until you cry. Cry until you laugh.

20.  Step outside your comfort zone.

21.  Order a glass of water with every drink. It’s not lame. It’s smart.

22.  A bad hair day really won’t kill you.

23.  Dancing on tables should be reserved for special occasions, like birthdays and  Thursday nights.

24.  Don’t dumb yourself down for a boy.

25.  Ignorance is not bliss. Study. Work hard.

26.  Life is hard. Accept this and move on.

27.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, but do sweat at the gym. Your health is your  everything.

28.  Tell your parents you love them every chance you get.

29.  Stop caring so much about what everyone else thinks.

30.  Forgive. Life is too short to be angry.

31.  You are destined to be more than just someone’s wife. Act like it.

32.  People will hurt you. Don’t stoop to their level.

33.  Read a newspaper.

34.  Sometimes the only person that you can rely on is yourself.

35.  It’s okay if your thighs touch and your tummy isn’t perfectly toned. You’re  still beautiful.

36.  Don’t let your happiness depend on another person.

37.  Push yourself. You’d be amazed at what you’re capable of.

38.  Smile through the tears.

39.  Don’t slut shame. Girls have it hard enough – don’t turn on one another.

40.  It’s okay to ask for help.

41.  He’ll never change. Let him go.

42.  Trust your instincts.

43.  Worrying causes wrinkles and Botox is expensive. Calm down.

44.  Take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

45.  Love with everything you have.

46.  Put down your phone and look around. Life is happening.

47.  Stand up for yourself.

48.  Confidence is everything.

49.  Wash your makeup off at night. Seriously. Do it.

50.  There are bad people in this world. Don’t be one of them.

51.  Be honest with yourself.

52.  Be honest with others.

53.  You never need that last shot of vodka, but have it anyway.

54.  There is a man out there who will not make you cry. Wait for him.

55.  Don’t take yourself too seriously.

56.  Your success will not be handed to you. Work for it.

57.  Don’t waste money on expensive mascaras. Great Lash by Maybelline will always be  the best.

58.  Give back.

59.  He does not define your self-worth. Stop letting him.

60.  Life is uncertain. Tomorrow is not guaranteed; don’t take it for granted.

61.  Your faith in everything you know will be tested. Push forward.

62.  Be carefree, not careless.

63.  It’s okay to cry.

64.  You will fall, both literally and figuratively. Get back up.

65.  Tequila is a bad idea, as is getting back together with an ex.

66.  Fad diets never work.

67.  Be gracious in all that you do.


.:Let’s Potty!!:.

Dear Sawyer,

Well, we’re in the thick of it. Potty training, that is. So far I’d say that this experience has not been as bad as I thought it was going to be. Or rather, as bad as I’ve heard other people describe it.

You have been REALLY good about going….uh, number one on the potty but there’s still some work to be done with number two. You still like to find a quiet place and do your business on your own and I can’t blame you, we’ve just got to get your quiet place to be in the bathroom…….on the potty.

The point of this update is to share with you a funny little tidbit from yesterday. You were at Staci’s as you usually are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the day. You are still wearing diapers at night, and so before we left the house yesterday morning, i changed you into a dry diaper not knowing if it was going to be a “good day” or a “bad day” in terms of potty usage. I received a text message from Staci at 10:13 a.m. that had me laughing hysterically and so VERY proud of you at the same time. The text said:

Sawyer just told me she had to poop. Sure enough, she did! After she was done she told her friends to come look at it. Lol!” (As you get older and get to know more about your Auntie Laura, you will definitely SEE more humor in this!)

Today, at Grandma Freed’s, you were in another room when Number Two was coming, and you yelled to Grandma to “Come here, Grandma, faster! faster!” Grandma didn’t make it in time and you told her, “Oh no, dere’s poops in my jammies. I sorry!” Its all part of the process and with this like everything in life, we’ll have successes and we’ll have oopsies. Whats important is that we’re getting there, and with every oopsie we learn a little more.

I’m so proud of your potty accomplishments! I know that looking back one day, these little things will seem unimportant and yes, I realize that they are just a part of your growing up – like every kid does and that at some point every kid has similar potty training experiences. But they are monumental as I watch you accomplish them and I am so honored that I get to share these milestones with you.

I will ALWAYS be your #1 fan, even when that means being excited about your #2’s.

I love you, kiddo. Keep up the good work!


.:Knockin’ our Socks Off:.

Dear Sawyer,

One of the MANY things we are constantly amazed at about you is how quickly your vocabulary is expanding. About six months ago Daddy and I sat down to try to determine how many vocabulary words that you’ve not only used, but actually understand the meaning of. We kept adding to the list over several days, and by your 2 year checkup we estimated that you actively use and understand 400+ words!! You surprise us daily with new things you say and we literally look at each other in disbelief when you speak sometimes. A few of my favorites over the last little while are:

Monday, January 28th, 2013 – You spent today with Grandma Freed, as you typically do every Monday. While emptying a tube of Simply Go-Gurt for you to snack on, you told Grandma of a picture on the back of the tube “Look Grandma, its a tuba!”  Astounded, Grandma replied, “Wow, Sawyer, thats a tuba?” You studied it for a moment and then said back to her, “No, Grandma, its a saxophone.” Grandma called me at work immediately and we were both flabberghasted that you knew not only what a tuba is, but also a saxophone. You also know the difference between a guitar (you call it a “key-tar”) and a violin which if you’re looking at or holding the physical objects is easy to discern for adults, but you can tell the difference in pictures (flash cards with alphabet/objects). I think thats pretty amazing.

Saturday, February 2, 2013 – Daddy and I spent most of the day helping Uncle James and Aunt Bre move into a new place, so Grandma Freed was kind enough to let you come hang out with her. While there, at one point you were climbing up onto a bench at the kitchen table to have a snack. Your curious little eyes caught a bit of food that was left on the bench (probably by you at one point during the day). When you saw the food, you told Grandma, “Ew, Grandma, its a booger!!”. Grandma laughed (knowing it wasn’t a booger) and asked you where it came from. Your response to her was, “Papa pick his nose, booger on the table!” Hours later, when Papa returned home, you said to him, “No, no no, Papa!! No pick your nose!!” Grandma was amazed that you remembered the booger AND remembered to scold Papa for it when he got home. When I came to pick you up Grandma and I got a good laugh out of the story, and when we asked you what was on the seat you told us again it was a booger from Papa.

Even at the tender age of two, Miss Sawyer , you are hilarious! You manage to keep us on our toes and laughing almost constantly. Its impossible for you to know how much joy you bring to so many people’s lives. We are ALL so very lucky to be a part of yours.

I love you, Buggy!! <3

Love, Mama

.:One year + Update (sorry!):.

Dear Sawyer,

I’ve told your daddy and so many others that I really had not concept of how quickly time actually flys by, until you came into our lives. Every day is something new, and its so bittersweet knowing that each day that passes is one day closer to the day you’re grown. We cherish EVERY MOMENT, and love watching you become such a strong, independent little person but that means letting go too, which is hard to do as a parent.

September 2011: So let’s see, our last post over a year ago was about your trip to Primary Children’s Hospital with a respiratory infection. For more on this, read the post called .:Just Breathe:. below.

October 2011: We’ll skip through most of October and get to the end. This was your FIRST HALLOWEEN!! Since we have lovingly referred to you as Bug, Buggy, Bugga Boose, Boosey, Boosey Boo…..Buzz….any variation you can think of and we’ve probably called you that as a term of absolute endearment. Anyway, given all of that, I thought it was only appropriate that you be a bug for Halloween. So that you were, a lady bug. You came trick-or-treating at my office, and everyone was amazed that you were walking when you were so little.


November 2011: I had to take many deep breaths as we went into November. I could not believe that this was the month that you would turn 1 year old!! Your first birthday party was quite a to-do! You have so many people that love you and our house was packed with friends and family that came to celebrate your special day!! Since you have been our little “Buggy” since you came home from the hospital, we decided to go with a “Bug” theme, but a girly one of course. 🙂 You were spoiled rotten that day, but you deserved every moment of it!! One of my favorite things that you were given was a scrapbook that Aunt Channie made you, of your first year of life. I was emotional about you turning 1 year old anyway, its a beautiful book that we will treasure forever!! I’m so grateful to all of our family and friends for making your first birthday so very special!


.:5 Years and 10 Months:.

Dear Sawyer,
Well what would our lives be these days if not a whirlwind? Your 10 month birthday also happened to be mine and Daddy’s 5 year anniversary, and since Daddy had to spend Monday September 12th – Wednesday, September 14th in Nashville TN, for a web development conference, we thought it would be fun to spend the weekend before that there seeing some place we probably wouldn’t ever just go. So on Thursday, September 8th off we went! You stayed with Grandma Freed, and it sounds like you girls stayed busy the entire time! Friday, September 9th was our 5 year anniversary and happened to also be your 10 month birthday. Exactly one year prior (for our 4th Anniversary) we got to see your beautiful face in 3D!! While you were still in my tummy we went to Fetal Fotos and had a 3D ultrasound that allowed us to see your chubby little cheeks, beautiful face, and even your eyes because you had them open for a few minutes in the womb. We watched you move around and even blink at us and have these amazing memories of this occassion documented on DVD and also photos that we absolutely treasure. You still had exactly two more months that you were cookin’ in there after that day, and we were amazed when you were born that you looked exactly the same as you did on that day two months earlier. You were then and still are so beautiful!

Daddy and I had a great time in Nashville. We went to some amazing restaurants, ate at some amazing food trucks, went shopping, saw the Parthenon, hung out on Broadway and even saw a concert (The Script) at The (old) Grand Ole Opry. While we seemed to stay very busy, we talked about and thought about you all the time. It was harder on Daddy, because while i was coming home after just three nights of being away from you (on Sunday), he was going to be in Nashville for three more nights after that, making it an entire week since the time he saw you last. We got to talk to you on the phone (sort of), and after I got home we downloaded Skype so that we could see and talk to Daddy on the computer while he was gone. After you got over the initial shock of seeing and talking to Daddy on a screen instead of pulling his glasses off his face in person, you waved to him a lot. His excitement to see you was building, but when we saw him on the screen, none of us knew that the next time he saw you would be in Primary Children’s Hospital. The hours that led up to Daddy seeing you when he returned from his trip were some of the scariest that we have ever had. As a parent, there is nothing harder or more heart-wrenching than seeing your child hurt or struggling and so in your next letter, I’ll tell you all about the hospital, your first (and hopefully ONLY) ambulance ride and just how terrifying it was to see you struggle to do something that is just supposed to be easy and require no thought or effort at all….being able to breathe.

Your first steps

[vimeo clip_id=”28383807″]

Dear Sawyer,

A good friend once told me, to relish in every moment with you. When you’re smiling, laughing, even kicking and screaming. Because everything about you is changing as you constantly grow and nothing is going to stay the same. There are times that this almost seems a relief and also times that its utterly heartbreaking. As your parents, your daddy and I love everything about you, and I mean everything! Its as though we cannot get enough of you in each rapidly-changing stage before it’s over and you’re no longer doing something you were before and have moved on to something new, something exciting! Something that takes you further away from your baby stages and closer to growing up in front of our eyes.

Nothing reiterates quite what I mean above better than your most recent milestones. On Wednesday, August 17th you crawled for the first time. Over the last ten days you’ve gotten faster, more coordinated, and more sure of every move you make. It has been a breath of independence for you, and we’ve enjoyed watching you in your new freedom. Although your moving about has meant our moving QUICKLY to Tess and Ella’s water bowl before you can tip it over on yourself….again. Yes, we now know this  from experience.

I guess it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to us that once you figured out how to move from point A to point B on your hands and knees, it wouldn’t be long before you were doing it upright. Since you were about 6 months old, it seems your hearts desire was to walk, although at that time, it was assisted of course. So we would walk you, you holding on to one finger on each of our hands and our backs hunched over and aching after about 20 minutes of non-stop cruising. You absolutely LOVE it, and from the time you started doing it anytime someone holds you, you immediately reach for their fingers so that they’ll walk you around. In the last month or so, you’ve held on to fingers for what seems to be only security. Not relying on them at all for balance. You hold on, and you go.

So it should come as no surprise that you’ve finally decided you can do it on your own, just ten days later. As you step away from Grandma Freed and take your first unassisted steps on your own we are overwhelmed with pride and excitement for you, although unprepared for this next milestone. I never imagined it would happen so quickly, but you’ve got a mind of your own, and an already independent spirit. It may be some time before you’re ready to cruise around the house on your own from room to room on only your two feet, but we’ll continue to encourage you and love you more and more every literal step of the way.

Love You Baby Girl!