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.:The Bakery:.

Hey Buzz,

So I wanted to share with you a funny story that Grandma Freed called and told me earlier this week while you were at her house. I should preface by telling you that one thing you love to do at the park is feed the ducks, and typically the diet that you provide them consists of large chunks of nearly-stale bread. On to the funny…..

On Monday, December 2nd you were at Grandma’s house and as Grandma was getting ready for the day, not unusually you were playing in her shower. It was your “bakery”. You take the orders, bake them, and then serve them with a smile. You asked Grandma what she wanted from the bakery and she said, “Ummm, how about a cake?”

“No…” you replied. “Cake is for birthdays.”

“How about bread?” She asked.

“No, bread is for ducks.”

So we aren’t exactly sure what it is that your bakery actually bakes, but whatever it is, I’m sure the logic behind your product is flawless.

We think we also might know why it is that you don’t particularly like bread. Because its for ducks, obviously.

Thanks for always making us smile.

Love you kiddo!

.:Pet Shop Buys:.

Dear Sawyer,

About every three weeks, it becomes necessary to make a trek to the pet sotre for food for Tess and Ella. Usually, i would go right after work just before I picked you up from Grandma’s or Staci’s. Well, the last two times, I’ve picked you up first so that we can go together. You LOVE it there! We go in for dog food, and ineveitably walk out 45 minutes later with dog food, AND a new Beanie Baby toy that the pet store staff brilliantly places next to the register. 😉

We see birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, giant spiders, fish, lizards and turtles. You are fascinated by all of them and frequently refer to the furry ones as “soooo caaaa-ute!” One of my favorite moments from our first trip was when we were walking around looking at the rabbits and guinea pigs. They are in little huts so we aren’t able to touch them but right across from them in a cage that we CAN poke our fingers through, is a furry little animal – the likes of which your were immensley curious about. It doesn’t look quite like a rabbit, and so as soon as we saw it you immediately asked me what it was. I read the sign next to the cage and told you “Its a Chinchilla!” You studied it for a moment, and then looked back at me and said, “No Mama, its a possum!” I quite literally almost fell over from the crouched position I was in next to you and the cage. I have NO idea where you’ve seen a possum, or even heard the word but you were certain thats what it was, and I was once again SOOOO impressed with you. I know I say it often, and you’ll get sick of reading it one day when you are reading this – but your little brain so so amazing. We can literally watch you figure things out, study people and situations and the sum of all of that that exits your mouth in words is one of the most astounding things I’ve ever seen.

So since our first trip to the pet store, your beanie baby collect has grown by three friends, that you often refer to as “my family”. They all go with you to Grandma’s or Staci’s when you go, and we’re never without at least one of them in your “pack pack”. So far we’ve gotten an elephant, which you named “Ollie”, and a kitty that you’ve named….well, Kitty. The third one, a penguin was one that Grandma Freed bought for you when we went to Hallmark one day. When we got in the car to head home, we asked you what your penguin’s name was. You told us “he waddles”. Unbeknownst to us until a few moments later when Grandma looked at the tag on the Penguin, but his name actully is “Waddles”!! Whether a lucky guess, or you’re reading at age 2 – either way, VERY impressive Miss Sawyer! 🙂

As you’ve had your penguin for a few weeks now, several times you’ve put your penguin inside your shirt right next to your tummy. You told Staci “I have a baby penguin in my tummy” and then got on your pretend skateboard and said “I gotta go to work”.

You’re a mile a minute and I wouldn’t change a second of it. Thank you for the brilliance you bring to our lives.

I love you most,




Dear Sawyer,

Today was one that you will probably only remember through photos, but it was filled with excitement and spectacular people watching as we hit the Hogle Zoo! You and Daddy and I went with Grandma Freed, Aunt Jenn, Uncle Jack, Uncle Joe Joe and Gage and Tate. There were giraffes, elephants, tigers, and…..bats! Yes of all the creatures you got to see for the very first time today, one of the most exciting to you were the bats. We watched them as they hung upside down, grooming bugs off of each other in their 4’x 4′ box of plexi-glass glory! Aside from the bats you liked the monkey’s, and the small glimpses we were able to catch of Zuri, the baby elephant. I think you would have liked the bigger elephants too, if they’d turned around and we’d been able to see more than their gi-normous elephant bums.

It was a long day, full of lots of adventure and by the end of the day you were so tired, so ready for a nap. As we prepared to leave the zoo, Grandma Freed went into the gift shop and bought you a baby monkey stuffed animal. Your grandma is so kind and always makes sure that you and Gage and Tate leave these exciting places with something to remember them by. As soon as she handed you your monkey you immediately gave it a kiss and snuggled it close. While you’ll give me a “kissy face” from time to time, this is the first time we’ve seen you love on something that isn’t smothering you in kisses at the same time.

We’ve been home for a couple of hours now, and while you’ve had a short snooze, your afternoon nap thus far has been unsuccessful. You did manage to pull your activity cube over and square into your forehead, which is shaping up to be a pretty apparent bruise. *sad face* Daddy just gave you a bottle. and you are snuggling him on the couch as I type this. Every time i look over at you, looking at me, you smile and chuckle. Its in these simplistic, but extraordinary moments that I am beyond grateful for the light you bring to our lives. Life can crazy, and sometimes things are…..a zoo, but at the end of every day, we come home to what matters most. Your daddy and I couldn’t imagine a more exciting adventure than to be sharing all of this with you. We love you, Buggy.

Look how cute you are: