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Your first steps

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Dear Sawyer,

A good friend once told me, to relish in every moment with you. When you’re smiling, laughing, even kicking and screaming. Because everything about you is changing as you constantly grow and nothing is going to stay the same. There are times that this almost seems a relief and also times that its utterly heartbreaking. As your parents, your daddy and I love everything about you, and I mean everything! Its as though we cannot get enough of you in each rapidly-changing stage before it’s over and you’re no longer doing something you were before and have moved on to something new, something exciting! Something that takes you further away from your baby stages and closer to growing up in front of our eyes.

Nothing reiterates quite what I mean above better than your most recent milestones. On Wednesday, August 17th you crawled for the first time. Over the last ten days you’ve gotten faster, more coordinated, and more sure of every move you make. It has been a breath of independence for you, and we’ve enjoyed watching you in your new freedom. Although your moving about has meant our moving QUICKLY to Tess and Ella’s water bowl before you can tip it over on yourself….again. Yes, we now know this ¬†from experience.

I guess it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to us that once you figured out how to move from point A to point B on your hands and knees, it wouldn’t be long before you were doing it upright. Since you were about 6 months old, it seems your hearts desire was to walk, although at that time, it was assisted of course. So we would walk you, you holding on to one finger on each of our hands and our backs hunched over and aching after about 20 minutes of non-stop cruising. You absolutely LOVE it, and from the time you started doing it anytime someone holds you, you immediately reach for their fingers so that they’ll walk you around. In the last month or so, you’ve held on to fingers for what seems to be only security. Not relying on them at all for balance. You hold on, and you go.

So it should come as no surprise that you’ve finally decided you can do it on your own, just ten days later. As you step away from Grandma Freed and take your first unassisted steps on your own we are overwhelmed with pride and excitement for you, although unprepared for this next milestone. I never imagined it would happen so quickly, but you’ve got a mind of your own, and an already independent spirit. It may be some time before you’re ready to cruise around the house on your own from room to room on only your two feet, but we’ll continue to encourage you and love you more and more every literal step of the way.

Love You Baby Girl!


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