.:5 Years and 10 Months:.

Dear Sawyer,
Well what would our lives be these days if not a whirlwind? Your 10 month birthday also happened to be mine and Daddy’s 5 year anniversary, and since Daddy had to spend Monday September 12th – Wednesday, September 14th in Nashville TN, for a web development conference, we thought it would be fun to spend the weekend before that there seeing some place we probably wouldn’t ever just go. So on Thursday, September 8th off we went! You stayed with Grandma Freed, and it sounds like you girls stayed busy the entire time! Friday, September 9th was our 5 year anniversary and happened to also be your 10 month birthday. Exactly one year prior (for our 4th Anniversary) we got to see your beautiful face in 3D!! While you were still in my tummy we went to Fetal Fotos and had a 3D ultrasound that allowed us to see your chubby little cheeks, beautiful face, and even your eyes because you had them open for a few minutes in the womb. We watched you move around and even blink at us and have these amazing memories of this occassion documented on DVD and also photos that we absolutely treasure. You still had exactly two more months that you were cookin’ in there after that day, and we were amazed when you were born that you looked exactly the same as you did on that day two months earlier. You were then and still are so beautiful!

Daddy and I had a great time in Nashville. We went to some amazing restaurants, ate at some amazing food trucks, went shopping, saw the Parthenon, hung out on Broadway and even saw a concert (The Script) at The (old) Grand Ole Opry. While we seemed to stay very busy, we talked about and thought about you all the time. It was harder on Daddy, because while i was coming home after just three nights of being away from you (on Sunday), he was going to be in Nashville for three more nights after that, making it an entire week since the time he saw you last. We got to talk to you on the phone (sort of), and after I got home we downloaded Skype so that we could see and talk to Daddy on the computer while he was gone. After you got over the initial shock of seeing and talking to Daddy on a screen instead of pulling his glasses off his face in person, you waved to him a lot. His excitement to see you was building, but when we saw him on the screen, none of us knew that the next time he saw you would be in Primary Children’s Hospital. The hours that led up to Daddy seeing you when he returned from his trip were some of the scariest that we have ever had. As a parent, there is nothing harder or more heart-wrenching than seeing your child hurt or struggling and so in your next letter, I’ll tell you all about the hospital, your first (and hopefully ONLY) ambulance ride and just how terrifying it was to see you struggle to do something that is just supposed to be easy and require no thought or effort at all….being able to breathe.

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